Schlaumäuse is a teacher-facilitated playgroup offering play-based German lessons for children currently in kindergarten or year one at school, who want to keep up their German.

To join, fill in your details our Schlaumaeuse Enrolment Form or to enquire email 

Our program is a nice mix of guided activities, games, short fun German lessons and important social time in German, all guided by our caring and experienced German teacher.

Children must have prior German experience to join this group.

Schlaumäuse meet Thursdays from 4-5pm at the Turner Scout Hall, starting in Term 2 (to give children a chance to settle in to big school).

Parents are encouraged to stay (and enjoy the experience or chat to friends), but as long as there at least one other parent staying (as a safety back-up), it may also be acceptable to drop off your child and return at pick up time.   If you stay, any of your other children outside the 4-6 year age bracket will need to be supervised to ensure they are not disrupting the session and its aims.

The 2023 fees are:
$255 per child, for a 10 week term.

Fees are payable to:

Spielwelt German Parents Association
BSB 032778
Account 334059
Ref: SCHLAU surname  (eg SCHLAU Schmidt)

For those joining part way through a term, a pro-rata term fee is calculated. 

Our vision is that this program offers an opportunity for the children (and parents) to make/maintain friendships with other German-speaking children (and parents), and for the children to enjoy maintaining their German language in the friendly GAP setting.  

The program is facilitated by a kind, caring, German-speaking, experienced teacher.

The children get some facilitated play and social time outdoors or indoors, a circle time on the carpet, games and activities guided by the teacher.  The time frames for each activity are adjusted to the children’s needs, as we recognise they have just started full time school and may be quite tired at this time of the day.

The Schlaumäuse program can be a great way for children to keep up their German as they enter those early primary school years, when they are most susceptible to losing their German.  The program can also act as a bridge from Spiel und Spass (0-5 yrs), the German Australian Playschool (3-5 yrs) and German at home, over those early school years, into Pfadfinder scouts (6-18 yrs) and the ACT German Language School (children’s division) or German at primary school.

To join or enquire

To join, fill in your details our Schlaumaeuse Enrolment Form or to enquire email

To ask about the content of the program, email